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Positive user experience and coupled with the latest technology for reliable performance, higher interactivity and longer service life.



Business Application Development


Application Development.


ERP Solutions

Curalib ERP is an integrated Accounting, Inventory Management & Business Management software solution complete with Contact Management integration. Software is perfect for small and medium companies.

What makes us Different?

At Curalib, we strive to improve the world of IT systems, through excellent customer support, intuitive features and ambitious goals.


We specialise in technologies. This has allowed us to become the best at what we do.

Intelligent Design

We take great pride in the usability, functionality and attention to detail that shows through in our work. Our applications are extremely intuitive and a pleasure to use.

Flexibility and Functionality

We can design and build you a custom application, or improve the one you're already using.


We follow a strong and effective software development process to build outstanding applications which work, perform and deliver.

We shape your business ideas into reality and offer solutions which add value to your business.

We develop a detailed plan right at the start, and then implement it intelligently.

We create innovative & attractive web design with great functionality to engage web traffic.


We offer specialized web development services which are functional & give a phenomenal performance.

Our expert team executes comprehensive testing before approval.

We deliver final product with utmost adherence to quality, time and efficiency.


Fantastic performance with awesome technology!

  • Server-side Processing using PHP 7.1
  • Laravel Framework is the basis of this application
  • Maria DB
  • Vue JS for Frontend Development
  • React Native for Mobile Development
  • NginX for Web Server

We explicit speak out what we are going to deliver in upcoming milestones and client knows what they are going to receive with the money invested.

  • Provides transparency
  • Encourages client involvement
  • Saves time to kickstart
  • Adapts changes
  • Estimates better (eventually)
24/7 Maintenance & Support

Upgradation, Deploy & Bug Fixing, Performance Acceleration.

  • Monitoring
  • Call
  • ASAP Email
  • Realtime improvement
  • Digital checkup every 1 month

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